[bull-ia] === Bioinformatic engineer position === University of the Côte d’Azur ===

=== Bioinformatic engineer position ===

— Employer Profile —

The  University  of  the  Côte  d’Azur  is  a  Community  of  Universities  and  Higher  Education 
Institutions (ComUE) created in 2015 with a research mission and consists of 13 members and 
more than 30,000 students. The UCA unites the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, public 
technical and scientific institutions, and other organizations contributing to higher education 
and research in the Alpes-Maritimes department. 
A winner of a grant from the French Initiative of Excellence (IDEX) program with its UCA
JEDI project, the UCA aims to increase its visibility and national and international influence. The 
long-term goal is to be counted among the top ten French universities comparable to the best in 
the world. The UCA JEDI  project is steered by a committee consisting of the President of the UCA and four 
Program  Directors  (Education,  Research,  Innovation,  and  International).  The  President  is 
supported with UCA JEDI by an executive assistant (DEA), and each Program Director has an 
Operational Program Director (DOP).

— Job Description —

The UCA JEDI project addresses different strategic themes, including that of Data Science. Several 
applied Data Science projects in certain fields will be developed within the Center of Modeling, 
Simulation,  and  Interactions (MSI).  Within  this  framework,  centers  of  expertise  will  be 
established and located directly within a member of the UCA. The first of these centers, the 
Medical Data Center (MDC), has already been created and is housed at the Nice University 
Hospital Center (CHU). The role of the MDC is to connect UCA researchers in Data Science and 
those in the medical field to carry out research projects on bioinformatics and the analysis of 
large medical datasets. 
The MDC aims to be innovative and at the cutting edge of techniques related to Big Data. That 
is why the engineers at the MDC must also spend 20% of their time at the MSI for existing or 
future courses and exchanges with other engineers so as to benefit from the UCA’s environment 
of research excellence in Data Science. 
Since the MDC has the goal of serving the entire medical scientific community of the UCA, MDC 
engineers are assigned to work on a variety of projects which could be long-term. 
This  recruitment  is  for  a  bioinformatic  engineer  of  the  MSI,  whose  first  task  will  be  the 
administration,  development,  and  harnessing  of  data  from  the  genetics  laboratory  of  Prof. 
Veronique Paquis. He or she will be directly supervised by two members of the MSI, a senior 
biostatistician and a computer scientist with expertise in the management of Big Data and 
distributed system

Main duties:
–  Conception,  development,  and  optimization  of  the  computational  architecture  as  well  as 
 algorithms and tools for the storage, archiving, and retrieval of genetic data. 
–  Development  and  application  of  automatic  and  manual  tests  to  ensure  the  quality  of 
 bioinformatic data processing and algorithms. 
– In tandem with the genetics team, develop innovative tools adapted to the needs of the group. 
– Training and support of users for using and understanding the tools developed. 
– Literature surveys and implementation of bibliographic tools. 
– Processing of genetic data in collaboration with the researchers in statistics, modeling, and 
– Awareness of the other biomedical groups within the UCA so as to establish interactions

— Candidate profile —

Required qualifications:

Bioinformatician (Master’s or Ph.D.)
– Experience with the analysis of high-throughput data sequencing (NGS)
– Knowledge of programming languages (preferably Perl, Python, or Scala) and shells (Bash)
– Familiarity with databases (e.g., PostgreSQL) 
– Interpersonal skills 

Desired qualifications:

The skills below are not essential but will be appreciated. 
– Experience with data analysis and the management of Big Data. Knowledge of the MapReduce paradigm and the Apache Spark framework 
– Familiarity with version management software (git/svn) 
– Basic knowledge of molecular biology and experimental human genetics

— Specific conditions —

Position available on a fixed contract (2 years CDD) or on secondment. 
Starting date: from 1 December 2017 

Please send your CV and letter of motivation to charlotte.sakarovitch@univ-cotedazur.fr (MDC 
Operational Program Director) and rh@univ-cotedazur.fr before November 25th, 2017.