[bull-ia] Deep Lerning School, 15th to 19th of July, in Sophia Antipolis

Dear All,

Please find below the information on the 3rd edition of the Deep
Learning School from University Cote d’Azur.

The registration to UCA Deep Learning school is open:

From 15th to 19th of July:

• 2:45-hour Lecture in the morning (9 am – 12:15)
• Coffee break (around 10:15)
• Poster sessions at each coffee breaks and each lunch breaks (1pm to 2pm)
• Optional: Lab sessions (2pm to 4:30pm)
• Coffee break (around 3:15pm)

Rohit Prabhavalkar, PhD, Researcher Google USA, will give a lecture on
the latest advances in speech recognition « End-to-end models for
automatic speech recognition » and algorithms at the heart of Google
Home, Google Home mini systems.
Professor Martial Hébert, Carnegie Mellon University USA, Head of one of
the world’s most prestigious robotics institutes at CMU for more than 5
years, will give a lecture on the advances in artificial vision and deep
learning that are revolutionizing the field of land and air robots
« Research challenges in using computer vision in robotics systems ».
Professor Alexandre Alahi, Ecole Polytechnique Federal of Lausanne, Head
of the VITA Lab (Visual Intelligence for Transportation) at EPFL, will
give a lecture on the latest results for autonomous vehicles « Deep
learning for self-driving cars and beyond ».
Professor Graham W. Taylor, University of Toronto and member of the
Vector Institute, will present latest results on the interpretability
and the robustness of learning methods at the conference « Towards
interpretable and robust machine learning systems ».
Tomas Mikolov, PhD, Researcher from Facebook AI Research, will give a
lecture on language modeling, another area of considerable progress in
recent years.

We hope to welcome you in Sophia Antipolis in July.

Deep Learning School @UCA Organizing Committee

Frederic Precioso
Full Professor
Universite Cote d’Azur
Laboratoire I3S – UMR CNRS 7271
Polytech Nice Sophia
Office 435
+33 (0)4 89 15 41 69

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