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De: J=C3=B6rg Rothe <rothe@cs.uni-duesseldorf.de>
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Junior =
Professorship in Artificial Intelligence at Heinrich Heine University =
D=C3=BCsseldorf, Germany

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16 octobre 2016 =C3=A0 02:13:49 =
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J=C3=B6rg Rothe <rothe@cs.uni-duesseldorf.de>
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comsoc@duke.edu, J=C3=B6rg =
Rothe <rothe@cs.uni-duesseldorf.de>

At =
the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of
Heinrich =
Heine University D=C3=BCsseldorf, a position of a
W1 =
Junior Professor (m/f) in Artificial Intelligence (without tenure =
is to be filled as soon as possible.

We are looking for a researcher with an =
excellent record in the
research area of artificial =
The future holder of this position will be =
required to appropriately
participate in the teaching and =
administration duties of the
computer science department. =
Publications in first-rate international
journals and =
conference proceedings as well as the willingness to
competitive funding are required. A high degree of commitment
to participation in university administrative activities =
expected as well. International research experience =
will be an
advantage and ideally the candidate should =
complement the current
research areas covered by the =
computer science department.

Conditions for =
employment are, in addition to general administrative
conditions in accordance with =C2=A7 36 of the North =
University Act (Hochschulgesetz), an =
aptitude for teaching, exceptional
competence in research, =
and additional scientific achievements.

Female candidates are encouraged to apply; they will be =
preference in case of equal aptitude, ability, and =
achievements unless there are exceptional =
reasons for choosing
another applicant.
Applications from suitably qualified severely disabled =
persons or
disabled persons regarded as being of equal =
status according to
Book IX of the German Social Legal =
Code (SGB =E2=80=93 Soziales Gesetzbuch)
are =
At Heinrich Heine University D=C3=BCsseldorf, =
appointments may also be
part-time, provided there are no =
overriding administrative reasons in
individual cases for =
requiring full-time employment.
Heinrich Heine University =
D=C3=BCsseldorf offers a Dual Career Service
and is a =
member of the Rhineland Dual Career Network (Dual Career
Netzwerk Rheinland). Further information can be found at

Detailed application materials with the usual documents =
publications) should be submitted by 01.12.2016, =
citing reference
number 30 B 16 – 3.1, to:
Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Heinrich Heine University D=C3=BCsseldorf
Professor Dr. Martin Mauve
=9Fe 1
D-40225 D=C3=BCsseldorf

Please do not submit application documents in folders and be =
sure to
send copies only, as documents will not be =
returned (they will be
destroyed after the selection =
procedure has been completed).

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