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Bonjour =C3=A0 toutes et tous,

un petit rappel pour demain. Une remarque importante : le
s=C3=A9minaire sera en Anglais.


Tristan Cazenave
Christophe Rey


Hi everyone,

a gentle reminder for tomorrow’s presentation . An important
remark : it will be in English.

Best regards

Tristan Cazenave
Christophe Rey


Speaker: Eric Piette
Personal Link: http://piette.=

Title of the talk: Ludii: General Game System paving the
way to the future of General Game Playing and its

English Abstract:

This talk presents Ludii (https://ludii.games),
a General Game System developed through the current Digital
Ludeme Project funded by the European Research Council
(ERC). Thanks to Ludii, a large variety of  "strategy=
" board
games can be model through a single framework (currently
more than 1,000 games). Each of these games can be played
humanly thanks to the automatic generated Graphic User
Interface or be played by any agents (implemented in Ludii
or by third-party agents). This talk will cover our recent
published results related to General Game Playing (GGP) and
the different results or work in progress seen as
applications of this work. Topics such as Automatic
Evaluation and Concepts Detection for GGP, Clustering of
Games and Agent/Heuristic Prediction, Transfer of
Policy-Value Networks Between Games, Study or Reconstruction
of Ancient Games, Strategic Features for General Games or
Automatic Generation of Board Game Manuals are going to be

French Abstract:

Ce talk pr=C3=A9sente Ludii (https://ludii.gam=
un syst=C3=A8me g=C3=A9n=C3=A9ral de jeux d=C3=A9velopp=C3=A9 d=
ans le cadre de
l’actuel Digital Ludeme Project financ=C3=A9 par l’European
Research Council (ERC). Gr=C3=A2ce =C3=A0 Ludii, une grande var=
i=C3=A9t=C3=A9 de
jeux de plateau dit "Strat=C3=A9gique" peuvent =C3=AA=
tre mod=C3=A9lis=C3=A9 dans
un m=C3=AAme framework (actuellement plus de 1.000 jeux). Chacu=
de ces jeux peut =C3=AAtre jou=C3=A9 humainement =C3=A0 l’aide =
l’interface graphique g=C3=A9n=C3=A9r=C3=A9e automatiquement ou=
jou=C3=A9 par
n’importe quel agent (impl=C3=A9ment=C3=A9 dans Ludii ou par de=
agents tiers). Ce talk couvrira nos r=C3=A9cents r=C3=A9sultats
publi=C3=A9s en relation avec le General Game Playing (GGP) et
les diff=C3=A9rents r=C3=A9sultats ou travaux en cours consid=
comme applications de ce travail. Des sujets tels que
l’=C3=A9valuation automatique et la d=C3=A9tection de concepts =
pour le
GGP, le clustering de jeux et la pr=C3=A9diction
d’agents/heuristiques, le transfert de Policy-Value
Networks entre jeux, l’=C3=A9tude ou la reconstruction de =
anciens, les features strat=C3=A9giques pour GGP ou la g=
automatique de manuels de jeux de soci=C3=A9t=C3=A9 seront pr=
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