[bull-ia] Post-doc offers: AI for algorithmic fairness, Edinburgh

Two two-year postdoctoral positions in project on advanced AI
tools to support algorithmic fairness (University of Edinburgh,
deadline 3rd January)

If you are interested in working on technologies that support
algorithmic fairness and ethical AI, the project offers a great
opportunity to develop AI mediation tools that help the users of
online algorithmic platforms negotiate fairer algorithms with these

We’re generally looking for people with an ML, recommender systems,
game theory, or multiagent systems background, and talented
HCI/usability researchers with an interest in designing web-based
engagement tools that enable users to experiment with and better
understand data-driven algorithms. (That said, the project is very
broad in scope and we can accommodate people with different technical

The job adverts are at
please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Michael Rovatsos
(Michael.Rovatsos@ed.ac.uk) directly if you’re interested.