[bull-ia] Post-doc Position – Chaire IA BE4musIA (Belief Change for

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Post-doc Position – Chaire IA=
BE4musIA (Belief Change for Multi-Source Information Analysis) 

We are offering a post-doc position in artificial intelligence. 

This position is in relation with the BE4musIA project (a =
French =C2=ABChaire IA=C2=BB project) that is dedicated to the study of too=
ls coming from belief change theory, and more generally from knowledge repr=
esentation and reasoning, for improving multi-source information analysis.

** BE4musIA proje=
ct in short
The a=
im of the BE4musIA project is to use and develop tools coming fro=
m knowledge representation and reasoning (KR) in order to perform=
an analysis of pieces of information coming from different sources. T=
he idea is to be able to produce at the same time an assessment of the=
reliability of the sources and a coherent view of the world that take=
s into account the received pieces of information.
This problem of trying to find the most plausible beliefs from =
different sources providing conflicting pieces of information is quite=
a frequent pattern. This is typically the case in applications in which&nb=
sp;one works with several sensors (that are typically not totally reli=
able), when one receives information from different agents (while some=
agents can be non-reliable, or, worse than that, with some agents&nbs=
p;being enemies trying to mislead you), or when one query several databases=
in order to answer to a query of a user.

Our aim is to study the basic abstract problem, usin=
g tools mainly coming from the knowledge representation and reasoning =
(KR) area, in particular methods coming from belief revision and belief&nbs=
p;merging, that formalize rational belief change, as well as inconsist=
ency measures, which allows us to measure the extent to which certain =
pieces of information are in conflict with each other.

** Topics for the position

We welcome applic=
ations in any subject related to the project, in particular:
o Belief Change
o Belief Merging
o Inconsistency handling
o Inconsistency measur=
o Trust
o Reliability assessme=
o Truth-tracking
o Query-answe=
ring using multiple sources
o Formal Ontologies

o Automated knowledge base Completion

Game Theory
o Social Choice Theory
** Environment
The Be4musIA (permanent) members are =
S=C3=A9bastien Konieczny (http://www.cril.fr/~konieczny), Zied Bouraoui (http://www.cril.fr/~bouraoui), Patric=
ia Everaere(https://pro.univ-lille.fr/patricia-everaere-caillier/), R=
amon Pino P=C3=A9rez (https://dblp.org/pid/96/1310.html), and Ivan Varzinczak (http://ijv.ovh).
The position will be at CRIL (http://www.cril.fr), a CNRS lab in Univ=
ersit=C3=A9 d=E2=80=99Artois, Lens (North of France). CRIL is one of the fi=
rst French labs in symbolic AI (CRIL is the French lab with the highest num=
ber of papers at IJCAI).
** Position
The contract is a two-years full time position.
position will be opened from 1st october 2021(flexible – this can be adapt=
ed if necessary).
The salary is the standard one for F=
rench post-doc positions (around 2700=E2=82=AC (gross) per month).

** Contact and Applicatio=
For any information or ap=
plication please contact S=C3=A9bastien Konieczny (konieczny@cril.fr).