[bull-ia] [Post-Doc] Spatio-temporal relations in the health field (Paris area)

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Topic : Spatio-temporal relations for the characterization of tumor evolution



It is within CEA Tech LIST, a research institute focused on intelligent digital systems, in the heart of the new Saclay campus, that our team is developing an Artificial Intelligence called ExpressIF. It is a symbolic Artificial Intelligence based on knowledge, able to imitate human reasoning, learn as a human from few examples, and justify its decisions. PhD students, post-docs, apprentices and permanent researchers are collaborating to bring new functionalities to this software already used by small and large companies in various fields such as aeronautics, health, banking sector, or collective services. As part of an H2020 project in the field of health, we are strengthening our team.



As part of this project, we are trying to model the change in shape of a tumor or target area, to allow our AI to make therapeutic suggestions based on this evolution. In this aim, we will receive scanner and MRI images, whose different regions have been segmented and annotated automatically by methods developed by the partners of this project. For a given patient, it will be a question of studying, for example, the reduction of a tumor which one will express as: « the tumor has strongly reduced in the last months ». An effective development of these relationships will allow in a controlled calculation time to provide advice to practitioners while being able to justify the therapeutic choices that are proposed.



Grande ecole engineer or PhD in computer science or applied mathematics.

Good level of English to communicate with the project partners.

Comfortable with team working.

Medium level or higher in object-oriented programming.

A degree in AI (master, specialization) is welcome.

Travels (2-3 days) in Europe to plan.

Duration : 18 months.


Send resume and cover letter to laurence.boudet@cea.fr and jean-philippe.poli@cea.fr





Laboratoire Intelligence Artificielle et Apprentissage Automatique (LI3A)

CEA Tech List  | CEA Saclay, DIGITEO Labs

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