[bull-ia] Postdoctoral Researcher position in Human-Robot Interaction and/or Machine Learning and/or NLP


Dear all,

We are hiring in the context of Behaviors.ai Project, A
Postdoctoral Researcher in Human-Robot Interaction and/or Machine
Learning and/or NLP.

Behaviors.ai (an Engine enHancing verbAl and nonVerbal InteractiOns
of RobotS, based on Artificial
Intelligence) is an ANR Labcom funded project, which is a joint
laboratory between the LIRIS-CNRS
research laboratory and Hoomano company, on the period 2017-2020 and
which aim is to conduct
research and development, on making Human-Robot Interaction more
empathic, intuitive and natural.
This project gathers expertise from LIRIS researchers (SMA Group) in
Artificial Intelligence, constructivist
approaches for learning and from Hoomano, a specialized firm in
software development for social
robots. Behaviors.ai targets to transfer fundamental research
results, especially in developmental
learning, to mass-market applications in robots.
The project also benefits from two other collaborative
transdisciplinary projects AMPLIFIER and
ETHICS.ai. developed by the research team and the perspective of
building a European H2020 project
on a related topic.

In the current work, 4 main directions of research are explored:
• Evaluation of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) by developing new
measurement scales;
• Deep learning architectures for multi-modal perception
(audio-visual data fusion);
• Artificial Empathy in Robots based on developmental sensori-motor
• Explainability of Robot behavior in HRI setting;

Position description:
The successful candidate to this Postdoctoral Researcher offer is
expected to contribute particularly to
the Machine Learning based part of the research, considering either
the “Multi-modal perception” or
“the artificial Empathy” topics. For the first topic, we aim to
develop new algorithms for audio-visual
fusion in the context of social robotics (online learning, noisy
data, unsupervised learning, transfer
learning, …). For the second one, we aim to add an NLP capability
to the robot that will enrich its current
set of possible actions from which it will learn a consistent
empathic behavior by experience.
Explainability is a topic that is transversal to the other topics
and that is also for major interest in the
We are also open to other research directions as long as they
contribute to the global project aim of
improving verbal and non-verbal Human-Robot Interactions. So, do not
hesitate to contact us to discuss
potential ideas that would be of both interest for you and for the

The targeted mission for this Postdoctoral research position is the
achievement of research and the
supervision of the associated development, to endow the behaviors.ai
engine with new developmental
learning algorithms that improve Human-Robot Interactions and to set
a benchmarking framework for
the evaluation of the impact of learning algorithms on the smartness
of Human-Robot Interactions.

Profile description:
We are looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher to join our project
team composed of researchers,
engineers and practitioners in the field of AI and Social Robotics.
The ideal candidate will have the following skills and background:
– a PhD in one of these areas: AI, Machine learning, Human-Agent
Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction,
considering both verbal (NLP-Based) and non-verbal (visual-based:
gesture, gaze, motion, etc.)
– autonomy and team spirit
– an experience with python and web standard will be a plus
– an experience with (social) robots will be a plus

Job duration :
6-8 months

open until filled (note that 2 to 3 months will be taken by the
administration for the hiring
because of the ZRR procedure)

Working environment :
The recruited candidate will be employed by: Université Claude
Bernard-Lyon 1,
at LIRIS-CNRS Laboratory, located at Nautibus (with regular missions
to Hoomano offices in Lyon).

Salary :
Gross Salary per month according to the level of diploma and the
experience in the domain
from 2320€ to 2784€ / month (corresponding to 1864-2236€ net salary
/ month).

To apply for this position, please send a motivation letter and your
C.V. to « Salima Hassas »
<salima.hassas@univ-lyon1.fr> and « Amélie Cordier »

LEFORT Mathieu