[bull-ia] PRIMA2017 – Call for Workshops


PRIMA2017 — Call for Workshops


PRIMA2017 invites proposals for the Workshop Program, to be held on October 30-31, 2017, immediately prior to the technical PRIMA conference.
The objective of the PRIMA2017 workshop program is to stimulate and facilitate discussion, interaction, and comparison of approaches, methods, and ideas related to specific topics, both theoretical and applied, in the general area of Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems. The PRIMA2017 workshops will provide an informal setting where participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific technical topics in an atmosphere that fosters the active exchange of ideas.

All members of the PRIMA community are invited to submit workshop proposals for review. We encourage workshops that focus on emerging topics and applications, on open research questions and challenges, and on broader topics that are of interest to a wider community.
Workshops can vary in length from half a day to two days, though we expect most to be one full day in duration. As attendance will be limited to registered participants, workshop organizers and attendees must register for their workshop, whose fee will be separate from the main conference fee. Workshop attendees do not need to register for the main PRIMA conference, but are encouraged to do so.

=== Important Dates ===

– June 30th, 2017: Email general chairs (villata@i3s.unice.fr and leon.vandertorre@uni.lu) a declaration of intent to submit a workshop. The email should contain the proposed workshop title and a short description of the event, including description of the paper review process and acceptance standards, a list of potential program committee members, including their titles and affiliations, and a tentative list of places (distribution lists, websites, journals, etc.) where the workshop is planned to be advertised.

– July 7, 2017: Acceptance notification

– October 30-31, 2017: PRIMA2017 Workshop days

=== Selection Criteria ===

The selection of workshops for the final program will be based upon multiple factors, including the scientific/technical interest of the topics in relation to the PRIMA community, the clarity of the proposal in addressing the requested information, the innovative character of workshop topics, the crossdisciplinary nature of the workshop, the capacity of the organisers in leading a successful workshop, and the capacity of the conference workshop program.

=== Responsibilities ===

For all accepted proposals, PRIMA will be responsible for:

– Providing publicity for the workshop series as a whole.
– Providing logistic support and a meeting place for the workshop.
– Together with the organizers, determining the workshop date and time.

Workshop Organizers will be responsible for:

– Setting up a website for the workshop and providing its URL to the General Chairs.
– Advertising the workshop and issuing the call for papers and the call for participation promptly.
– Collecting and evaluating submissions, notifying authors of acceptance or rejection on a timely basis, and ensuring a transparent and fair selection process.
– Making the PDF of the workshop proceedings available to the PRIMA2017 General Chairs by October 10, 2017, together with a list of audiovisual requirements and any special room requirements. Please note this is a strict deadline.
– Ensuring that the workshop organizers and the participants register for the workshop and are invited to register to the main conference.
– Please note that at least one author must register for the workshop in order for a paper to appear in the workshop proceedings.
– Devising a schedule that meshes with shared breaks (coffee and lunch).
– Coordinating and moderating workshop participation and content.

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