[bull-ia] Séminaire aujourd’hui à 11h – Marie-Christi


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Vous ne pouvez donc pas accéder à la page des séminaires, où nous fournissons habituellement le lien pour accéder au séminaire.
Le voici : https://utc-fr.zoom.us/j/87458641474

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> Le 30 nov. 2022 à 21:24, Sébastien Destercke a écrit :
> Chers Collègues,
> Simple rappel que le séminaire de Marie-Christine Rousset aura lieu
> demain à 11h, sur le lien Zoom suivant:
> https://utc-fr.zoom.us/j/87458641474
> Le site étant inaccessible pour le moment, je vous rappelle les titre et résumé:
> Titre:
> Reasoning-based detection and explanation of privacy risks in data exchange
> Abstract:
> Personal data are increasingly disseminated over the Web through
> mobile devices and smart environments, and are exploited for
> developing more and more sophisticated services and applications. All
> these advances come with serious risks for privacy breaches that may
> reveal private information wanted to remain undisclosed by data
> producers. It is therefore of utmost importance to help them to
> identify privacy risks raised by requests of service providers or of
> attackers. Taking into account the temporal aspect for privacy
> protection is important since many applications handle dynamic data
> (e.g., electrical consumption, time series, mobility data) for which
> temporal data are considered as sensitive and aggregates on time are
> important for data analytics.
> In this talk, I will present a formal framework based on a query-based
> formalization of privacy and attacks, in which privacy risks are
> defined as the possibility of inferring an answer to a privacy query
> from answers to external requests. We solve the problem of detecting
> privacy risks as a reasoning problem on queries expressions. The
> distinguishing point of our approach is to be data-independent and to
> come with an explanation based on the query expressions only. This
> explanation is intended to help data producers understand the detected
> privacy breaches and guide their choice of the appropriate technique
> to correct it.
> A demain
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